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Circus Luminescence Duo Roving Promo

Eli March and Scramble James perform unique and joyful roving performance is perfect entertainment for large events such as county and state fairs! 

Circus Luminescence Acrobatic Juggling

This 2-person routine is performed by Eli March and Scramble James. It won the Gold Medal at the 2018 International Juggling Association's competition. 

Circus Luminescence Duo Show Promo

Circus Luminescence is proud to present Eli March and Scramble James. This is a promotional video for their full length show which is available for hire at events of all types!


Circus Luminescence performing their act "Frankenstein" at the 2020 Clowns Without Borders Benefit Show. This four person act would be the perfect feature at your event! 

Allie T Fire Promo  2022

One of the four main cogs of Circus L, Allie T. is a movement performance artist, using hoops, dance, and many other props and modes. She specializes in vaudeville and circus style performances. Contact us now for booking!

Circus Luminescence IJA Tricks of the Month

This January 2021 Tricks of the Month Video features Eli March and Scramble James. Special thank you to Tyler SpadesSolovox, Kelly Chameleon, , and Allie T.

Circus Luminescence performs with MarchFourth!

The gold medal winning duo of Eli March and Scramble James perform with MarchFourth live at the Cornerstone in Berkeley, CA on 9/22/2019! 

Eli March Promo

The founder of Circus Luminescence and winner of the 2017 Fire Entertainer of the Year, Eli March creates his unique style through comedy, mixed prop use, creative choreography and clean execution. Contact us now for booking!


Live Show Photos

Clowns Without Borders 2020 Benefit Show

Venue: Alberta Rose theater, Portland, OR
Photo Credit: Carlton Ward

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