SOLD INDIVIDUALLY! These 68mm juggling stage balls use 3 x LR44 batteries which should give four to five hours glow. Excellent light diffusion and a fantastic ball for the price. These are professionally weighted LED juggling balls. Oddballs LED juggling balls are tough enough to survive lots of drops on tough surfaces - The batteries are available on our website and in most hardware shops or supermarkets. The battery chamber is sunk inside the ball - you activate the balls by turning the covering screw cap which sits below the surface of the ball. At 155g these balls are a great juggle and the weight feels well distributed around the ball to give it a natural flight. The light dispersal is also great - use these balls at night for best effect. Each ball comes with batteries.

Please note you have to remove the protection between batteries before first use

Oddballs LED Single Color Glow Balls


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